The Sims 3 Dear Emma

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By writing letters to her late sister Emma, Zoey tries to cope with her loss. After finding Emma’s bucket list, Zoey decided to honor her sister by checking off each item.

This story was created to go along with The Sims 3 Bucket List Challenge.

Chapter 1

Zoey misses her sister Emma and vows to fulfill a fateful list.

L1 Living Again
Zoey writes about getting a job as a ghost hunter, making new friends and getting a new tattoo which symbolizes her theory of life.

L2 Drama Baby
OMG the drama! Zoey is a real catch, but the guys in town seem to think otherwise. A beautiful unicorn and creative tools distract her from the awkwardness.

L3 Casual Fun
New friends, unicorn blessings and a douchebag alarm – Zoey has a lot to tell her sister, though one decisive thing is missing…

L4 A Friend In Need
Zoey helps out a good friend when things go sour and gets to know a new one better. She even manages to meet yet another guy in town. May there still be hope yet for Zoey?

L5 Burning for Zoey
A magician, an acrobat and police officer walk into Zoey’s life. What happens? A ton happens I tell you! Zoey is on fire!

L6 Good Riddance
Zoey and Nadia put up with bullshit for the last time.

L7 Last Goodbyes
Surprise reunions and sad goodbyes urge Zoey to move on. But can she?

Chapter 2

L8 A Whole New World

New world, new job, new perspective – Zoey embarks on a new journey full of surprises …